Thursday, 2 June 2011

Anonymous said . .

I am so sorry - I can't leave comments on anyone's blog for some reason!  Firstly I could but only if they were anonymous and then when I tried to leave a comment for Pat and Sid at Toad Hall Alpacas it just wouldn't let me comment at all.  So I am silently reading and attempting to investigate the problem (and I do hope the cria are okay - Debbie and Pat and Sid).

It has gradually got hotter today.  Sam and I were up early to get the lambs fed ready for the Ascension Day Service at 6.30am this morning - always good this one as it ends with breakfast in the village hall.  Delicious and well worth the washing up! 

The boys didn't seem to mind the heat today and did a great deal of play fighting - which I missed on camera, just catching  the aftermath!
Barry is nearest the fence with Dylan nearest the camera (having trouble covering his equipment!), Barnaby behind him with Alf at the back looking downhill and Harry (recognisable as he is black!).

The girls were much quieter (no babies of course!).  Zara looking cute.
Bert, as usual looks cute - wanting a cuddle!  I know she only looks gorgeous to me!

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  1. I am unable to leave comments on several blogs that don't have URL option...I'm not a techie so can't work out another way! So, like "Anonymous", I just silently follow but it's frustrating! I too think that Bert looks gorgeous over the fence...some are just extra special aren't they?!