Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Little Ballroom Dancing

It has been a while since the last blog and I shall blame it on a back log of things to do.  I think we are all now more up together although the list is still long!

The alpacas have all been in slightly odd moods today, despite the weather.

I blame it all on Emily who had a mating to Dude last night which she appeared to thoroughly enjoy - rear end tightness problem finally cracked!  Emily has now decided it is so much fun she must have a go at mounting everything in sight.

The weather today has been challenging - showers, downpours and even hail at one point.  Luckily, this evening has been lovely which was just what we wanted for the arrival of the Red Van!  Viv and Andy from Reddingvale Alpacas arrived with the gorgeous Canchones Referendum.  He strutted out the Alpaca Van (the number plate of which I am very jealous of - and that is not beginning to talk about how much I covet the van!) and wasted no time in getting to work.

Zara was very ready for him and sat down immediately - he has got the loudest orgle imaginable and stirred Dude,  across the paddock, into a frenzy - at some points Carl and Andy were having to shout at each other to make themselves heard!  Andy finished the proceedings with a quick fox trot which was immaculately excecuted but was somewhat spoilt by the wellies!  (I believe Carl is attempting an Irish Jig in the background!)

Job done and then it was time for Andy to get reaquinted with Dylan, who certainly rememberd him and came over for a snuggle.  I was keen for Viv to have a look at Cassie who is 331 days today and we think there is probably a week or so to go - so no babies yet!

Referendum then settle back into his Alpaca Transporter and away they sped.  I have not had one cria yet and here I am thinking about next year's!!


  1. We too have had constant downpours and hail today, we didn't get the lovely sunshine you did for matings though!

  2. Yes that would pass for an Irish jig Carl!...looks like lots of musical jumping at Westhill today :)

  3. Thankfully we have had a much better day on the weather front !!......pitty there was no privacy for the romantic encounter !....fancy having to perform...with those....onlookers !!.....not to mention ...the Irish Jig and those wellies !!!.....Jayne

  4. Lovely to hear from you, although 'finally cracked' made me wince somewhat.

  5. Like you Rosemary, we have no cria yet...we have to wait until the end of July for our first couple! Seeing everyone elses is still great but not like our own is it?! Looks like a lovely black cria is on the cards for next year!