Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Carl has been fencing like a mad man today and Sam and I have been clearing field shelters and collecting mountains of poo - great way to end a year!

I was interrupted at lunchtime by Carl gesticulating wildly from the top of first field.  It took me and Sam a while to realise what was wrong.  Somehow, Barry Norton had broken the fence, escaped and ended up in Dude's paddock - first time I have had one escaping from his mum!  Dude was a little confused by this intruder and we just managed to get Barry out before Dude attempted to have his wicked way with him!  Still not sure how it all happened and we can only assume Barry had been pushing his way through, unnoticed by anyone, for a while - all mended now.

A very happy New Year to all my readers - and to all alpaca owners out there let's hope it is a really exciting one, I think it will be!!


  1. Happy New Year to all the family

    Glad you blog is back, missed that for a while.

  2. Lovely...
    AND...A Happy New Year to you Rosemary, and to family and friends.....God Bless...!
    And, in my own tongue...
    Tanti Auguri a te e Familia....Buon Anno...x :0).

  3. Happy New Year to all at Westhill...thanks for keeping us so entertained Rosemary :))'s to a successful 2011

  4. Naughty little Barry Norton !! Happy New Year to you all at Westhill Alpacas....there is always a job or a crisis.....sometimes even both !....Hope you have a wonderful 2011 !!....Jayne