Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Internet back again!

I did write a blog last night but then the internet went down before I could upload it!  Yesterday we woke to a little fresh snow on top of the old snow but then just as we were all leaving just after 6am (Sam to help feed at Landrover Man's, Carl to go to work,and me to go to the fields and see how everyone had survived the night) it chucked buckets of snow all over us!  Sam had to slide down Bell Hill on his bottom and Carl was still stuck trying to get up the slope outside our house when I returned at 8am!  Carl had to give up in the end and I ended up battling a blizzard to do the morning feed.  In fact we had all sort of snow yesterday - ploppy snow (big flakes), torpedo snow (sharp darts), icing snow (fine sprinkles) . . I could go on as, like the Eskimo I have many words for snow now - some of them quite rude - but Carl has got fed up and told me not to mention snow (tricky in this weather).  I have to do a few photos though!

The snow is still with us and not showing any sign of thawing.  Sam was off with the Shepherd again at 6am this morning - helping with burst pipes and new born cows out on the hill.

Far from being unusual, it now seems to be quite the fashion to go to Sturminster for the shopping in the Tractor - Carl threatened to take his but I don't think  an old Leyland or Massey (with no cab) is quite the same as a Valtra or a John Deere

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  1. I did the same and I thought mine had posted but it's not even been saved to draft :-(