Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Paddock Cleaner

Bit windy today with a fair few showers but, at the moment, not too cold. A quick trip to the village first thing to deliver more wool to the Knitting Queen - she has a lovely new line in stripey hats going but the first one sold before I could photograph it for the blog!  More coming soon!

I set off in the Mule this morning to begin my poo picking, hitched up in the barn with no problems and drove to the first paddock.  However, on stopping to open the gate, I noticed it was no longer there but was still standing in the barn!  I need a bit more practise at hitching up.  I drove back to the barn and this time checked it was on properly - then I was on my way and gathering poo at a fantastic rate, despite drizzle and howling gale.   All was going splendidly until I ran out of fuel.  I towed it back down and got half way through the gate when it was the Mule's turn to run out!  This was rather a dilemma as I had no diesel and could not move the Mule from the gateway.  Sherbert was about to lead an escape party so I had to erect a temporary fence to prevent it.

Barry Norton showing an unhealthy interest in the Mule with Barnaby Rudge lurking behind.
Now Barry appears to be attempting to unhitch the tail gate!
Sherbert's escape attempt was foiled, now Belinda, Barry's Mum is looking for an alternative route with Bert, Islay and Sherbert bringing up the rear.  Barnaby is sneaking a drink from Mum, Prue, in the background.

1 comment:

  1. Running out of fuel indeed......

    You you ladies say us men can't multi-task. Poo picking and watching fuel levels we can do.

    Knitting and holding a conversation about Coronation Street, Eastenders and Neighbours at the same time, we have no hope though ;o))