Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Today has been one of those days.  Sam had the day off, as college has finished for this term, so we were both out clearing field shelters, changing water, filling hay racks and then - poovering!  It worked brilliantly, prising frozen poo from the ground and it did all 6 paddocks with no need to empty.  Sam cleaned it out after by hoovering up a bucket of water which was good fun!  The only problems I had were getting through one of the gateways where there is a bit of a tight turn (but that we can sort when we do the next bit of fencing) and  the second problem was a bit of reversing which went rather pear shaped and I ended up with the Poo Collector almost beside me rather than behind (Sam sorted that one out!).  The fencing stuff was delivered but they put it all in our neighbor's field (despite it being the same man who had delivered to us before) so Sam had to go and get that and put it in our field - will not use that company again.

During all this Carl, who had the day off, went to collect the two new mobile field shelters.  This should have been a simple job - but it was not!  He collected them fine from Romsey and then the trailer broke coming into Fordingbridge.  If it had not been for the Breakdown Recovery Service run by the SFS he would be still languishing in a layby - super large drink due in return for that!  The shelters look really strong and very good value, just got to get them set up.

Last night it was a hasty email time to Sandra at Warrenfield over my new black boy.  I came back very excited from my cruise yesterday to tell Carl all about our new acquisition, 'Harry'.  It was not what he was expecting me to purchase so he was very keen I looked up 'Harry' on the registry to show him his parentage.  This I did, only to find Warrenfield did not own an alpaca called Harry.  After a bit of mumbling from Carl, which I am sure included the words mare and daft, he told me I must have misheard the name and his name was really Black Arrow.  A quick email to Sandra confirmed this to be the case but the poor boy will now always be known as 'Harry' I fear!!  The Red Arrows were flying overhead at the time of Harry's birth and as I said to Sandra, I once met the Red Arrows in a nightclub in Bournemouth - I believe one of them bought me a fair few drinks (I was far younger obviously and had marginally better hair).  My friend who was with me said they were not really the Red Arrows, they were fairly short, but I like to think they were!


  1. Do you remeber 'La Cardinal' Nightclub in Bournemouth in the 70's. I once told a bird there that I was an Apprentice Vicar, I said I had to go by 11pm to do midnight mass. Truth was I had to be back on duty at Salisbury for the night shift. Girlies will believe anything in a Nightclub in Bournemouth. Tee hee. Black Arrow is a proud name though, like that ;o))

  2. So! It was you! All these years of thinking I had been chatted up by an apprentice vicar (You weren't the Spitfire Pilot?, Prince Charles? or a very young Marc Bolan were you? I even met Frankie Howard on a bus into Southampton - he gave me a pound!)

  3. Spitfire Pilot!!!! How very dare you.... That was an ageist allegation if ever I saw one. I am old enough to 'Ride a White Swan', yes I agree, but a Spitfire Pilot ??? . Bless....

  4. Come to think of it - How was I taken in by a 20 year old Spitfire Pilot? - I'm not that old either!!