Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Still white but it's mist now

I would have been far better off learning croquet rather than crochet last night from the progress I made.  I knew what to do but I just could not make the loop come off the needle!  In the end I went back to making and consuming snowballs.  This afternoon we had a quick trip over to Ashdale where Irene slipped loops with gay abandon - rapidly fashioning a dainty chain (we still have to learn how to turn corners).  I have since realised part of the problem is that I am holding the hook in the wrong hand, I could do it while I was with Irene but now it has gone again. . . . .
The snow has continued to thaw but there is still a fair bit in the paddocks, it was also pretty slippy this morning.  I did try for photos but a mist appeared and the photos looked just as white as when we had the snow.  Here's a couple of pictures of Mitzy instead.  I am a little concerned as she is getting rounder and rounder but only wee comes out - can't be right!


  1. Grey haired neighbour29 December 2010 at 00:19

    Rosemary, I think you can find videos on-line to help you learn how to crochet.
    It might just get you started - I'll look out for the chain tumbling down the hill.

  2. Ah! Bless. I've been up at my daughters (Stoke-On-trent), for the last week, back to B'ford tomorrow. I've been in my element, as she has two Staffy's and four Cats. SO, no shortage of sleeping partners, waking up of a morn'in with a dog 'IN' the bed and a couple of pussies on it.......Ah!,Those were days....Steady now!
    Anyway, also like to say and wish one and all, a very good, good New Year. ALL, the very best Rosemary, to you and yours....Bless You.
    Take Care Now...! :0)x

  3. Happy Crocheting...and Happy New Year !!...hope that Mitzy is ok....just wondering is she hasn't eaten any thing she shouldn't have !!....and has a blockage !........Jayne

  4. If there was a blockage it has now gone! Bit of an explosion this evening!