Wednesday, 8 December 2010


I am in a bit of a panic at the moment as we have the results back from the vet on the fecal samples.  All were fine except for little Greeves who had a count for coccidia.  The vet is sorting out a drench for tomorrow but now I am worried it is all too late.  He was crying round me again tonight and he is so sweet.  I can't do anything until the morning so I am trying to put that to the back of my mind.

I nearly had a huge calamity this evening when I went to feed.  They all get so excited about their food that they charge over.  In one paddock Bert and Prue fly down spitting in all directions to put everyone off and then leap about like crazy things.  Their paddock is not too bad and, apart from it all being highly unpleasant it went okay.  However, Lina's group are a different matter as it is very icy.  I started putting out the feed and Lily flew round the corner,slipped and banged down on her side.  I dropped the bucket and ran across, slipped myself and went flying on top of poor Lily.  I hauled myself and Lily up and she seemed none the worse for it but it was a real scare and there is not much I can do about the frozen ground.  I put a barrier round the worst of it and sprinkled some straw about but it really is lethal.  I think I may have a spectacular bruise coming but it is somewhere no one will see so that is okay.

I am now trying to take my mind off Greeves by sorting out Carl's Christmas present.  I have consulted Alf and have a number of web links and am hoping this year to get him something he really wants.  The year before last was an all time low for Carl as I thought he said he wanted a black tie - turned out it should have been a back tyre and I had misheard.  I am not very good at presents.

STOP PRESS:  Blog writing was interrupted by a phone call from Wellground - Plan of action for Greeves now refined - panic subsiding slightly!


  1. Good luck with action plan for Greeves Rosemary.

    We have had a couple of slips at feeding time too. The sugar beet causes so much excitment...I am trying to sneek in and get it served whilst they are not looking...not working!

  2. Good luck with Greeves, everythings crossed up here for you.

    As for going flying Paul did an excellent job of that today too, check out the blog for details :-)

  3. Fingers crossed for Greeves...I hope you have caught things in time.....and the wonders....and as for your fall on top of Lily !!....I hope you are both not too bruised....after your ordeal !!....this ice is so dangerous.....I had a little slip tonight....thankfully I managed to keep on my feet !......and not end up on my bum !!...Im sending you extra..special....thoughts.....for the next few days....try and take it easy and Get WEll Greeves.......Jayne