Saturday, 11 December 2010

A Bit Draughty!

What a day!  And we're still going strong!

Carl got going at a cracking pace, disc cutting out the hole for the new French windows, Sam constructed a new paddock for his sheep, I sorted the animals and started trying to clear poo - all going well until Carl found there were no little spacers for the windows.  This meant he had to dash out to try and buy some only to find no one had any.  I went to collect the new headrails for the blinds only to find 8ft tubes will not fit into the Jalopy no matter how hard I tried.  Meanwhile, Sam finished his pen, tested the new electric fence - got a rather large jolt and is now complaining of a bad back!  Luckily, our neighbour had some spare spacers, Carl got the blind headrails in the truck and Sam and I moved the sheep.  This has, however, meant we are behind schedule and a cold damp mist is rolling in.  I am only typing this as Carl is at a point where it is far better I keep out of the way.

I am almost out of scarves and have not managed to update the shop yet - most of the knitting isn't even making it on there but that has to be sorted out next week.  It will not be tomorrow - as we have a visitor bringing a little something to show us which I have my eye on (just got to persuade Carl it is a really good idea!).

I weighed Greeves this evening.  He has not lost anymore weight but neither has he gained.  He is not crying like he was and he grazes  constantly.  He is thin but he looks quite happy and trots around a bit so I am hopeful we are getting somewhere.  I am not sure, though, that the fecal sample regime is working that wonderfully.  What worries me is that if I don't worm I get the mite problem on Bert and Sherbert.  I am also worried about the coccidia problem so (and I may have already written this) I am going to have a major fecal sample and then talk to the vet about it all.  We need to agree a plan because at the moment I feel I am just reacting rather than preventing.

And - sorry there are no photos again, we just ran out of time!  Tomorrow I will make up for it!

Oh!  And I must tell you about the cruise I have just booked for me and Sam!  I have always rather fancied a cruise!  What could be better in weather like this!  Carl is too busy working!

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