Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fog and Mud

I did do a photo today - but it is more to show you how dismal the weather is than for any photographic merit (there are alpacas in there somewhere - there is also a great deal of very sticky mud).

The alpacas all look dirty and the worst is Greeves.  He is so covered in hay he looks like a little sloth and his Mum was in a foul mood today.  All I wanted to do was give him his supplement which he likes and for some reason Lina took exception to this.  She has always been fine with me doing things to Greeves but not today!  I had to resort to shaking my finger at her and giving her a good talking to.

Carl and Sam have been out beating today so I have been tackling the fields and the lake of poo that has accumulated.  It is not all clear yet so tomorrow will be a busy day.  Carl is preparing himself for a mammoth fencing operation which Sam will be assisting with when he returns from helping out at Landrover Man's.

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  1. Our snow is now on the thaw so hopefully poo picking will be commencing soon. It is not going to be a quick job!