Saturday, 18 December 2010

It Snowed!

Last night it snowed - we now have more than a dusting and it has been pretty quiet on the hill.The alpacas are eating hay like crazy and are wolfing down their food.  Little Vellocette got the hang of Camelibra, oats and peas today and hoovered along the trough, pushing everyone else out.  Greeves is still not interested but he does eat up any peas that drop on the ground and he is moving around much more.  His weight still does not appear to be going up but with this weather I am not that surprised.

We had to leave Sam in charge and take a trip to Blandford this afternoon as we were out of milk and tea which was pretty disastrous.  The roads were fine for the 4x4 but I would not have attempted it in my car.  I do like driving the Mule in the snow as the only other road users are Sam, Carl and the chickens so it is not so bad if I slide - not that the Mule does.  Carl is going to get me a heater for it after Christmas and I do need a new nodding dog as the current one has taken a bit of a beating.  How I would manage without it I do not know, particularly with the water (the Mule that is, not the nodding dog which is purely decorational!).

When I checked the email this evening I had a lovely surprise.  Despite the snow, Sandra from Warrenfield had been out taking a photo of my little Harry (or Black Arrow!).  I was so busy cuddling him (which Sam said was highly embarrassing) that I forgot to take a photo of him!
Now I just have to be patient and wait for an improvement in the weather before he can come - and, of course, Zara, Emma and little Dylan!  Before that all happens we have to finish the quarantine arrangements and put together the field shelters which are languishing in a trailer covered in snow at the moment!

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