Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jack Frost

I have never seen so much frost!  Very pretty but very cold.  I had to wait in all day for two the deliveries - neither of which arrived and Carl is now losing interest in doing the lounge!  I think he has field withdrawal symptoms and a huge urge to fence something is upon him.  This is good except we really need to have somewhere to sit down before Christmas.

As I was stuck inside for most of the day I spent some time fiddling with the blog and trying to put on a link to the online shop.  I did eventually succeed but it is in such a silly grey colour you can barely see it.  I am going to leave it for now and research fencing to keep Carl happy - he will regret it when lots of fence posts, stock fencing, electric fencing and the energiser arrives!

The trusty Mule is having a hard time of it lately with all the hay and water that is needing to be delivered - in fact it is on go slow at the moment which Sam says is because I have made a hole in the exhaust and Carl says is because my fuel filter is blocked - it's probably a bit of both!  We are slow moving but we are keeping going despite chickens overtaking me on the uphill stretches.  I see another blogger has a camouflage variety - mine is also camouflage but it is the mud and pretty frost patterns that are doing the camouflaging!

The alpacas are bearing up well in the cold weather but they are obviously hungrier - going for their Camelibra and oats at a real rate.  Even the ones who don't like the micronised peas much are eating them and we are getting through hay at a rate of knots.


  1. Great shop Rosemary and lovely stock...I love your sales technique...understated is always good :))

  2. I don't own the camo thingy Rosemary, just borrowing it ;o)) Great fun aren't they....

  3. Understated is us!

    Own them or borrow them - they're great! Even if it is raining you can read a book, do your knitting. . . And you can zip your passenger in so they can't escape from you!!