Thursday, 23 December 2010

Two more . . . .

I thought I had better get in quick with my blog tonight as last night it again went peculiar and all disappeared.  I think I have Dodgy Lead Syndrome - caused by Carl shoving the end through a new hole in the wall during his manic decoration!  However, stage 1 of renovation is finally complete!  I now have a lounge carpet despite the carpet fitters getting stuck on Bell Hill last night.  Carl and Sam had to dig them out and then tow them up but they made it.  Sam had the new television out of the box within seconds of them being towed back up the hill towards Blandford by Carl.  I know this is not at all interesting to anyone but me but here is a photo of my lounge!  It looks a little bare and there are still leads trailing but it is DONE (almost).

The woodburner is purely ornamental at the moment as Carl has not had time to go out and get the flue pipe.  I cannot go anywhere as the car still will not go out the drive which means some people are getting very rubbishy Christmas presents and I fear Sam may find Father Christmas is a little sparing with his stocking this year.  I still have to get the shopping and the turkey, we have no tree and the decorations are still in the loft but, as we do have two large boxes of chocolates, a bottle of campari and two festive cheese selections I am really past caring!  What is really annoying me at the moment is the radio jingle on the station Carl listens to - 'Two more sleeps to Santa' - excruciating and it keeps popping into my head!

Sam is spending every morning with The Shepherd which he loves.  Yesterday was his favourite job - yard scrapping (he gets to drive the tractor) and he is very impressed with The Shepherd's novel breakfasts which seems to involve a variety of different cereals all in one bowl!  I have finally managed to get most of the house straight but it is unlikely to be terribly tidy as feeding and watering are priorities.  All the alpacas are super friendly at the moment as they are so keen to investigate my person for secreted bits of apple and carrot.  Greeves has been on his Ceto Phyton now for 3 days.  I am just giving him 5ml in a needless syringe at the moment.  He remains thin but he is quite perky and very clever at getting to prime position at the back of the field shelter under the hay rack.  No alpaca photos today as I forgot to take the camera over but I shall try, internet cable  permitting, to do some Christmas Eve shots tomorrow.


  1. A very exciting time - what a lovely lounge to look forward to, not long now.

  2. As I may be having a little glass of ginger wine on christmas eve night...I will wish you all a very merry xmas in your lovely new lounge...whilst I can type!! :))

  3. Grey haired neighbour24 December 2010 at 00:39

    The room looks lovely, Rosemary.
    Hats off to those carpet fitters!
    (Actually, hats on again. Brrrr!)

  4. The lounge looks lovely Rosemary!

    Merry Christmas to you all.