Monday, 27 December 2010

The Thaw Begins!

Finally, this evening, the rain is here and the thaw is beginning!  Still no grass in the alpacas paddocks but little tufts are poking through for the sheep.  Carl went outside this evening, coughed and two large icicles crashed to the ground at his feet!

Dude is the only alpaca who is braving the snow.  In fact he was running up the hill this morning and seems to quite like snow - popping into his shelter for a bit of hay and then dashing about checking on the girls.  Greeves also seems fairly good, considering the weather.  Tomorrow we will weigh him again and I will, hopefully, have photos without snow.

The kitten went to the vets this morning.  Nothing appears broken but it has torn ligaments and is now on anti-inflamatories.  The vet says one leg probably will not grow any more so it may look a little odd which will not matter much as we already have Smudge who has a club foot and a withered paw. It is a girl so Carl has christened it Mitzi (as it dropped out of the Mitsubishi).  It has now progressed from the hoover box to the lights box and sleeps all the time - purring furiously when it is picked up of stroked.  Smudge and Cruella ignore her and Amber is scared of her. 

Mum came up for tea this evening and now Carl is snoring on the settee (which I am encouraging as I want him fit for fencing as soon as everything thaws).  Sam has gone to bed (6am starts every morning to walk down to yard scrape and feed!) and I am about to learn to crochet!


  1. Crochet eh! Great game that, watch out for those big bats they use, very dangerous looking bit's of kit.... I'll be calling you Timmy Mallet soon.

    Or is it some knitting thingy...........


  2. If you master crochet you are a better woman than me! Good luck.

    Glad to hear Mitzi is doing ok.