Friday, 3 December 2010

On top of the world

No more snow has fallen but what we have had is still there and this morning we woke up to freezing fog.
It looks remarkably pretty - rather like looking down on the sea.  There are a few lanes and farms under all that grey mist!  Sam had to go and push Carl out of the drive and up the road as there was no way the van would grip first thing.  He got him out and off he went with his bobble hat and his spade.  The more hardy girls managed to venture up the hill this afternoon but most stayed in their sheds.

The sheep remained firmly at the bottom of the hill, under the shelter of the trees - mine are the fat white ones and Sam's are the black ones.
Rammy is there in the background, tucking into his hay.  It does feel slightly warmer tonight and they are predicting rain tomorrow so no doubt it will all be mud soon but in the mean time we haven't got to the fed up with it stage yet.  Yesterday afternoon Sam and I spent sledging on a bit of perspex which was great fun.  I thought I had broken my arm at one point but I'd forgotten to take the hand shears out of my pocket and it was them sticking into me (I'm not shearing at the moment, obviously, but had used them to cut the string on some bales of hay).


  1. I seem to have mislaid all my scissors too...presently using toe nail clippers to cut string...although not yet going sledging on them! :))

  2. Grey haired neighbour4 December 2010 at 09:16

    Lovely photos, Rosemary.