Saturday, 4 December 2010

A good afternoon!

No photos today I am afraid.  So has to be two from yesterday.  The first is a view over towards the Ridge from the fields.
 And here is Smudge on a rare visit to look at the snow, he is not keen on snow!

We had a morning of intermittent electricity while Carl rewired the dining/Sam room in preparation for it becoming the lounge.  The new woodburner arrives Tuesday as do the new French windows so it is going to be a busy (and cold) week ahead of us.  Rain also arrived last night bringing mini avalanches of snow from the roof.  Despite this, there was still snow on the ground this morning - but very icy and slippy.  The alpacas now have all got some grass visible and look very happy about this!

So, on to today's excitement.  We went over to Templecombe to visit Andy and Viv at Reddingvale.  Of course, smooth and sophisticated Andy immediately noticed my hair cut (Carl says it was only because he'd read the blog but I prefer to think otherwise!).  We had a tour of the paddocks and investigated a lot of fleece and the outcome is - but I am not revealing the next bit yet!  There was also a chance to have a good look at their new stud, Zorro, lovely black boy.  Carl kept trying to divert to tractor talk but Viv and I headed him off.  Tonight we are attempting communication with Templecombe via a series of flashing lights as Andy says he can possibly see our house from their place - this probably means the village will think UFOs are landing!!

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  1. Your Smudge is more adventurous than mine, she only leaves the house if the outside temperature exceeds 20 degrees!