Monday, 6 December 2010

Anyone there?

Oh, it's cold here - freezing fog outside!  Things are not being helped by various holes in various walls - and now one of the windows is about to be taken out.

I attempted a photo or two this morning but the misty fog made them not my most successful pictures - there are alpacas in there somewhere!
The hedges were looking very pretty but that was about all you could see by the afternoon.

Sam's taxi for Kingston Maurward couldn't make it over the hill this morning so I had to take him into Sturminster to meet the taxi and it was a bit of a dodgy trip back up Bell Hill - strangely, it had been alright going down earlier.  It did give me a chance to take the fecal samples into the vet - we are doing our routine sampling to check for any nasties which we can treat accordingly.  I had to follow Greeves around for ages before he performed but it was essential I got a sample from him so we can see where to go next.  He has started  gaining weight again and he is really gorgeous, bit of a mummy's boy though!

Now I have to go as the dog has been sick on the floor.


  1. Do you get your vet to test your samples or the veterinary lab, we had 9 samples done at the lab and it was extortionately expensive, can't afford to do that routinely unfortunately.

  2. Really pleased Greaves is heading in the right direction now. A real "Challenger" he he

  3. Hello, Llama Karma!
    What we do with the fecal samples is collect from each paddock separately and then the vet combines the samples from the indiiduals in each paddock and does a single test on each group of alpacas. The vet does the tests and only has to send of if it is a zinc flotation test for emac. If he picks up a problem in any of the paddocks I can then either treat that whole group or get further individual samples done. The only exception is Greeves who I am having tested separately as I am worried about him. It means I only need to pay for one test per paddock which cuts the cost!