Sunday, 5 December 2010

Frozen poo

No photos tonight as I have been bent double collecting poo with a trip to church in between.  Church was in the village hall this morning as there were fears that the vicar would never make it up the hill.  As it was the roads in the village were not too bad although going down to the village was rather slippy.  The village hall was lovely and warm which made me thing poo collecting would not be too bad - I was wrong!  The temperature began to drop this afternoon and the melted snow had turned to ice.  I did what I could but the fields do not look their best.

Carl has been preparing the new lounge for the arrival of the doors in between giving me orders about stock fencing and posts.  We have decided two new paddocks (at least!) are required which means Carl is desperate to get the lounge finished so he can get on with that.

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