Thursday, 2 December 2010

Finally . . . Snow!!

Last night it dumped snow on us!  I have one very excited boy with a day off school and a fair amount of snow!  Not too much - Carl still managed to go to work - took him two hours to get to Weymouth but he made it.  Sam and I have already fallen out as he left me to do all the hay and water and feeding while he roared around with his home made snow plough.  This contraption compacted the snow so much even the trusty Mule slid down the slope, almost depositing me in a hedge.  So, some photos - -
The garden first thing - just after Carl had left for work -
The view Sam woke up to, looking out of his bedroom window.  The alpacas were nearly all in their shelters - even Dude.  Prue and Barnaby were solitary little mounds all on their own up the hill surrounded by snow.  They all enjoyed their sugar beet this morning.  I don't normally give it to them but I had been a bit worried about Bert and the Suris so I thought they deserved a bit of a treat.
As soon as everyone had finished eating they were straight back in their sheds.
So was I!

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  1. You enjoy yourself are only young once...and the snow plough might of worked!!