Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow start to the day

A bit of 'starter' snow today - but it didn't lay much.  Roads are very icy though.  Sam made it to the abattoir and found it very interesting.  From the detail he went in to I think he could be considering a career as a butcher.  He said they were very respectful of the animals and the whole thing was very slick so altogether a good trip for him.

Smudge was intrigued by the snow and spent a long time staring out the window before he eventually ventured out.

I had a lot of hay and water to carry round which went well until I got a big grinding noise from the Mule.  I stopped and got out quick as I didn't want to make it worse and end up without it for ages.  The rest of the day was spent plodding up and down the hill.  The alpacas didn't take much notice of the snow, apart from Little Star who took up solitary residence in the field shelter - and remained there!

 When Carl got back he went out to have a look at the Mule and said it was my fault (of course) as I had not emptied the poo out of the back and it had dripped in the brakes and frozen.  At least I think that is what I had done - I switched off after he mentioned it was my fault.  Apparently I must now not put the handbrake on but use a block of wood while it is so cold and I MUST empty it out.

After all the animals were sorted I spent ages updating the website and creating a new shearing page.  Dude's stud page got started but it is not complete yet.  I also have to do another pair of gloves urgently,

One thing I didn't mention on the blog (on purpose) was that 2 weeks ago I had my hair cut.  I must have had about 8 inches cut off and ---- no one has noticed!!  Well, Carl and Sam have of course.  This is a tribute to the truly awfulness of the new hair cut - it looks just as much of a mess as the old uncut hair!  I am going to another hairdresser next week to have another hair cut (apparently Shaun by the bed shop in Blandford is very good!).

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