Thursday, 18 November 2010


There has been a great deal of rolling today from the alpacas, not us!  In the summer they paw out little pits to roll in and then, in the winter, they turn into mud baths.  What with that and the leaves it looks like they will never be clean again!
 Mind you, the alpacas are not the only ones that are dirty at the moment.  Carl has developed a serious DIY problem and is remodelling the house which is creating mountains of dust and rubble.  He is doing a very good job and it will all look good in the end.  I will also be very supple as I now have to climb through a wall to get in Sam's old bedroom and climb over furniture to get into Sam's new bedroom.  The window man was supposed to be coming this afternoon to measure up for the new window but he didn't make it.  As I had to wait in for him I am now behind on poo collection so I am hoping for good weather tomorrow!


  1. just might be leading in the dirtiest alpaca contest!

  2. Mine are 'collecting' things too, mud, leaves bits of hay and this evening Ochre added my phone sock to his collection!