Saturday, 27 November 2010

Slight Snow

We woke this morning to a thin smattering of snow.  Last night we had several texts and phone calls from the SFS desperate for a bit of snowboarding!  Sadly, we have had to disappoint them and they were all ready packed up to come over - may be more on the way though!

The snow was pretty but it did mean a lot of hay delivering and cracking ice first thing.  This was done at speed as we were off to spend a lovely morning in Hampshire helping with a bit of toenail trimming and injections - great fun and delightful alpacas!  The roads were a bit slippy down to Winterborne Stickland but then it was all clear.

When we got back it was back over to our alpacas - a little snow was still there and they were all waiting at the gate!
Prue and Barnaby in the other paddock seemed to have lost the rest of the herd who had retreated back up the top where it was less icy.  Barnaby is sneaking a drink whenever he can!
I was pleased this evening as I  managed to get Greeves to have a couple of mouthfuls of Camelibra - it's a start.

Now, with Sam's room finished, Carl is furiously knocking down the dining room while I sit amongst the dust typing this - I am fearing for my keyboard as I do not want another Jelly Baby Incident!


  1. Looks like a little dusting of icing sugar outside...but plenty of dust inside!

  2. I wish I had a slight dusting !!.....of icing sugar...outside....but I do hope your DIY goes to plan !.....keep the roof intact !...don't get too carried in this weather !!..........Jayne

  3. Swap you your snow for ours!

    Great to hear Greeves had some Camelibra, Rory eat sone sugarbeet today which is the first time he's been to the trough, hopefully Camelibra will be the next step.