Tuesday, 23 November 2010

All out feeding on the hill

Getting colder!  I have brought feeding time in the evening forward a bit as it takes me ages and if the chickens don't get theirs early enough they can't find their way back to their house.  It's all the ones who prefer hand feeding and then the picking up of all the troughs and water containers that is taking so long.  All good fun though and I am pleased to say that both Velocette and Sunbeam are beginning to show a little more interest in the hard feed.  Today, everyone was out feeding on the hill at the same time and it got quite noisy with all the cows, tractors, Land Rovers and sheep!

Tomorrow we have to finish off the micro chipping and eartags which didn't get done on Sunday - plus Little Star's Vitamin D as, when I wrote up the medical book, I realised I had forgotten her!  Also, one of Sam's sheep has Cloudy Eye (technical term that for us Shepherds!) - which apparently can spread like wild fire so she needs a drop of ointment.

All of that has to be achieved quickly as then we are off to Kingston Maurward for Sam's College course interview - a big day!

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