Sunday, 28 November 2010

Husbandry Day

We have been busy today with a husbandry day - all alpacas checked over, injections where due, feet trimmed and eartags and microchips complete.  All accomplished despite it being bitter cold - minus 4 for most of the day.  The real excitement of the day was Cool Dude's fleece.  We hadn't had a proper fleece check for a couple of months as he was sheared twice this year and we wanted to let it grow sufficiently before we started fussing around.  I was so pleased when we had a good look and am now really looking forward to seeing his fleece stats when we get them back - they got sent off rather late!  The other excitement will be his first progeny next year.  I don't want to wish my life away but . . . !

Most of the alpacas were well behaved for their checks, even Lina.  Lina made up for it this evening when I went to try Greeves coat on him.  He is still very thin and with this bitter weather I wanted to give him a little extra protection.  The coat went on easily but then Lina caught sight of him and went crazy - screeching and rearing and dashing around in circles!  In the end I took it off as I felt she was pretty near to accidentally killing him in her panic.  They are now snuggled up next to each other by the fence so he'll get some body warmth from her.

We have had no more snow despite the weather forecast - this is not pleasing Sam!  Looking at the sky this evening I don't think there is any to come at the moment, we'll see!

We are now back inside and trying to clear out our new huge lounge ready for Carl to sort out all the plug sockets - this probably means we will be plunged into darkness for most of tomorrow evening so if there is no blog - you will know why!


  1. Really pleased that Cool Dude looks good, we are looking forward to seeing his progeny too.

    Rob n Les

  2. Owning alpacas does involve wishing your life away...that's because there is always something exciting to looking forward to...usually next year's cria...especially from our unproven males...we are with you on that one! :))