Sunday, 21 November 2010

Leaf Decorations

A very busy day today.  First thing, Sam and I were out cleaning field shelters and hay racks followed by a check of the boys and the sheep.  The ram still does not appear to have wooed any of his girls but he is not one to give up easily!  I like to body score all the alpacas once a month and the boys were all holding their scores nicely.  They will remain on just the hay and no supplement.  While we did this Carl was filling in  Sam's new bedroom and once he had finished he and Sam went to help the Shepherd move his sheep down the hill.  After that was done, and a little gossip was had whilst mooching around in the gateway, it was back to do vitamin D injections for the youngsters and body score the girls.  We then came a little unstuck as the toe nail clippers had disappeared.  That job has now had to be put off until Wednesday, by which time I hope to have located the clippers!  Everyone seems to be wearing strategically placed leaf decorations in their mouths today - Velocette has a catchy little number - as does Crispie, below!

After a quick lunch Sam was left building a new hay rack whilst Carl and I shot over to Ashdale Alpacas.  I knitted frantically all the way there and succeeded in casting off just as we pulled in!  I wanted to deliver my new selection of gloves for Irene to work her magic on and we both wanted to see barn progress - all looking very good but no cria yet from Rosie.  We had a quick gossip and bandied about some ideas but it was soon time to shoot back home to make sure Sam was sorted for college.


  1. I like your leaf decorations !!......very fetching.....hope you find your toe nail clippers...soon.......Jayne

  2. A selection of gloves...progress...looks like things are coming on post the baby blanket rejection! :))

  3. Well....I've been without a PC for a couple of weeks....AND have really missed this Blog, especially the photo's.
    So......I'm gonna 'plough' through a bit more..!
    Just to catch up with things happening in Ibberton...Lovely...! Well done...! x.