Monday, 22 November 2010

Winter on the way

Oh, it is getting cold!  Beginning to get a bit of frosty poo in the fields which is fun to collect (I am joking!).  I think the ram may be having a bit of success but the raddle is only leaving faint traces of colour.  I am beginning to suspect the raddle is not working too well.  I tried to catch the ram to check but he was having none of that and when he started glaring at me I backed away pretty quick - Sam will have to deal with that!

We have been gradually introducing some micronised peas into the girls' diet - some love them, some hate them.  Bert, Sherbert, Prudence, Crispie and Little Star hoover them up like there is no tomorrow.  Emily dislikes them so much she no longer bothers with tea, Lina eats everything else but spits the peas out and the rest enjoy them tentatively!  Flemenco will only eat from my hand anyway and the youngsters are still not really interested in anything but hay.

The Shepherd was on the hill removing his electric fence as now the sheep have gone down in the valley for the winter - I miss seeing them.  I used to go and talk to them over the gate!  The girls are always highly alert and interested whenever they hear his dogs.

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  1. The alpacas...miss nothing....its definitely...winter..up here !!......Jayne