Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wet Day

Today has been wet - very wet!  I had to go to Stalbridge this morning and by the time I came back the water was laying on the road in pretty big puddles - no where as bad as they are having in Cornwall, of course.  It was a miserable time feeding and cleaning up field shelters today but at least I was not followed by a line of chickens as usually happens.  Greeves little problem has cleared up and he looks much more perky - I didn't give him a bottle in the end as I thought that might upset him again.

This evening is definitely inside jobs - Sam has been sent to tidy what is left of his room (he now has no curtains, no secondary glazing, no furniture and a mighty big hole in the wall - Carl is moaning about the mess under Sam's bed and blocking up a door whilst I am about to return to my knitting while watching The Edwardian Farm which I am really enjoying.

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