Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Reality hits Sam!

Foggy start but lovely and sunny at times today -  mostly cold.  I had a little sit with Bert, she likes her chin tickled at the moment, but had to get up as the damp was seeping through my jeans.

Sam is in a bit of a depression at the moment as he has finally realised that, although he may be able to afford a scrap 4x4 to do up over the next year in preparation for his driving test, he will never manage the £5000 it would cost to insure it - something we have been telling him for weeks.  He keeps giving the Jalopy nasty looks as he walks past it - he may find he is grateful for anything in the end!  Not that the Jalopy will last that long.

Sunbeam is looking increasingly like a compost heap from her leaf rolling, she is at the front of the photo with Velocette  and Lina behind - Emily and Crispie are by the fence.  Greeves has stopped leaking from the rear end and is becoming fed up with me lifting his tail to take a look.  Fingers crossed he may be recovering.  I had stopped his bottles a few weeks ago as they were just a trial for both of us and he had started to gain weight but tonight he was sniffing round me again so I think I will try one tomorrow and see if he seems interested.


  1. Good to hear that Greeves is doing well...and nice to have you back blogging Rosemary...I enjoy some insanity!:))

  2. Good to have you back - it was a bit difficult deciphering the smoke signals!!!!