Thursday, 25 November 2010

A pronking finale!

A very cold day today - except for the brief moments when the sun was out when it was marginally less cold!  The body warmer remained firmly on - even in the house as oil has reached critical level.  Luckily, house restoration means we have lots of wood to burn - skirting boards and door frames tonight!  Alpacas all are well and the cows were out in force on the hill.
Sam has a day off tomorrow and is longing for snow - how he will feel about that when I tell him he has a bit of fence maintenance to do I don't know!  We let Lina's group of girls into a new bit of paddock this evening as they need everything they can get - Greeves is still very thin - and they went wild.  Crispie was the worst - pronking around from one paddock into the new bit and back again.  She was closely followed by Velocette and Sunbeam, very overexcited end to the day!


  1. Looks like you have....nearly snow !!....I don't think the phone video's are quite on the horizon !!...maybe by 2011 !!......I might have the hang od it....Just wondering is you have heard of Ceto Phyton....for Greeves...its excellent stuff..I have used it with great results....for maintaining weight/condition....hope you don't mind the suggestion !.........Jayne

  2. I am looking that one up on the internet right now, Jayne - Thank you!