Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Interview Day

We are all pretty tired now - Sam's college interview turned into quite a long day!  He has been offered a place but it is, of course, conditional on him getting the right GCSE results and that is not going to be too easy for him.  Sadly, his dyslexia makes English a particular challenge and whether he will manage to get the grades is a bit in the balance.  I think he would really enjoy the course - lots of machinery, dairy and arable work.  He is just going to have to work very hard for the next few months and then we will see.  It was good to see the alpacas there that Carl sheared.  We only caught a glimpse as we were on a whistle stop tour of the campus.  I seemed to be a bit of a magnet to the cows in the dairy parlour; I had two licking my back as I was trying to look intelligent while the tutor did his talk!

On a quick aside though, it did show how far advanced we are in our biosecurity measures, as are all the alpaca farmers I have visited.  I was desperately looking around for a disinfectant point to dip my boots and I was itching to remove open feed sacks from the floor!

A highlight of the visit was meeting the blacksmith who had been on that history programme set in Shepton Mallet - he is one of the tutors and runs the blacksmith courses.

Before we went we had a long list of tasks to achieve but did not get very far as I ended up treating far more sheep eyes than anticipated.  Looks like the weekend will be busy!

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