Friday, 26 November 2010

No snow yet?

I spent a while on the internet last night researching Jayne's recommendation and had another email on the subject so, as there was no chance of getting to Mole Valley, I ordered some - looking forward to it arriving.

Very cold today, the ground at the bottom of the fields didn't defrost all day.  Mind you, I think it was warmer outside than in - the cats certainly thought so as they spent all afternoon down by the barn annoying the alpacas.  Cruella was fine just stalking things but Smudge kept creeping around by the fences.  As soon as Dude came down to look at him he dashed away causing Dude to become very frustrated.  I had lined up a lovely photo and then the batteries died.  I think I had left the camera in the Mule too long and the cold had deadened the batteries.

There seems to have been a lot of snow everywhere else and I was just about to type - No Snow Here! - BUT, little flecks are beginning to fall as I speak and looking out of Sam's new bedroom window there is a strange whiteness in the distance.  I have to admit none of that is obvious from the photo - batteries now replaced - (but I do now know where the watering can is!).
Carl and Sam are finishing off Sam's new room by putting up the blinds - the rather snazzy carpet has to stay for the time being.
The one with the best idea is Cruella!


  1. That's the way girls...just relax and let the lads get on with the work!

  2. Ah! a Pussy-Cat....Asleep.....Ah!
    I love cats.....AND, l don't care who knows it..!
    Brrrrrrr! Cold, Oh! Yes.
    And, if l say it's cold, it's cold. I don't usually feel the it, but l was up in Shaftesbury yesterday, my goooooodness, there was this brass monkey.....Nuff said. :)
    Still it's dry, prefer it that way...!
    Have Fun......! :0)