Saturday, 1 January 2011


A new year and I am on church cleaning duties for January and February.  I am taking this so seriously I was down there by 8am clutching the pledge and a feather duster.  However, who ever was on in December had taken things even more seriously and I could barely find a speck of dust to whisk away!
In fact, cleaning was the theme of today as the paddocks got a thorough poo pick with two now closed up and resting - a little late due to the snow.  Carl has almost finished fencing one new paddock - just the wire and field shelter to go!
We now have lots of mud here and some paddocks are very bare which means the girls are still very keen on the hay and dash down for their feed.  They are not getting their morning sugar beet since the snow has gone and are most unhappy about it.

The sheep and the boys are also still queuing for food!

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