Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Raindrops keep falling on my head!

Thank you for your kind wishes for Sam's birthday - he used black ink for his tractor driving application, enjoyed his birthday tea of fish and chips and had lots of cards!  We also watched a DVD  we had given him for Christmas - quite funny but a lot of violence and rather dodgy I felt.  It said it was rated a 15 but 15s are not what they were in my day!

Today was grey and drizzly and the mud is getting beyond a joke.  I had a good check on the new paddock this morning and went to stand in the field shelter, to check it for spaciousness, and was just thinking how good it all looked when I realised I was still getting wet - on looking up I saw why - no roof on the field shelter yet!  I had forgotten that was still to be done!  I spent the afternoon putting all the due dates in the new diary; already looking forward to these babies and wondering how much out they will be from the dates I put in the diary!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Rosemary....Go'in back a bit now......
    Raindrops keep fall'in on my head......
    Released in Bobbie Gentry and BJ Thomas and Sacha Distel. (Got to No 10).

    Will someone PLEASE do summat about this weather, l hate gett'in me hair wet....And l don't do hats.
    But, l had a nice big Pink golf umbrella for Christmas, but l don't want to get it wet.....! :0). And, l don't play golf.....!