Friday, 28 January 2011

Hunting for Mitzy

It has been a busy couple of days - as usual.  Sam's interview went well and he has an apprenticeship place and a possible job which may work out.  Unfortunately, Sam and I are not speaking at the moment due to 'An Incident' involving a bank, a quad and several carefully nurtured saplings.

Last night we were out searching - Mitzy went missing and we still haven't found her.  I am sure she could not have got out of the cat flap so she must have slipped out of the back door when it was open.  There were several dead baby birds out there which Cruella and Smudge must have caught.  Carl is convinced Smudge lured Mitzy over the field and left her there.  We haven't given up hope yet as she did survive on her own for three or four days before we found her - more searching later.  Carl must have been dreaming about her last night because he kept nudging me and saying,  "Something's scratching, I can hear scratching!" in his sleep.

Weighing day for Greeves tomorrow and I am really hoping he has finally put on a bit more weight, we'll see.  Tonight, however, is manic cleaning of the house night.  I have just taken half an hour trying to get sock fluff of the bedroom carpet!  Everything MUST be tidy as Viv and Andy from Reddingvale arrive with the new three alpacas on Sunday.  Carl says just to clean up the downstairs and one of the toilets but I feel you can never be too careful.  Who is to say that Viv won't suddenly have a fit of the vapours and need to lie down or Andy a burning desire to change his trousers?  The sock fluff  must go!  We also have to get the vitamin D injections (all with the new - to us - injection method) and the Baycox done.  On top of this Carl is Beating tomorrow and it is his birthday today (his present has not arrived but is on the way!).

I haven't told Irene yet but the new Westhill/Ashdale mix wool is now back from the mill.  Lovely and soft and a beautiful fawn colour.  I think Irene is going to be pleased!  I have also had several conversations with a very nice lady from Wiltshire who has given me an interesting idea for my alpaca felt - must find the time to have a go at that next week.


  1. Oh! Dear...Poor Mitzy...Hope you find her soon.
    I'll mention her in my prayers to-night. (Yes l still say prayers at my age).

  2. Wow!...lots going on...I'm with the cleaning of the downstairs and one loo...never had a fainter yet!!

    Well done Sam...not easy to achieve these days.

    Fingers crossed for Mitzy...poor Carl...I kept dreaming about accidents after Velvet got squished by the Postwomen!

    Is that everything covered! :))

  3. Grey haired neighbour28 January 2011 at 12:11

    Well done, Sam, excellent result!
    Many happy returns, Carl!
    Come home, Mitzy!

  4. Well done Sam, great new!

    I'm with downstairs cleaning and a loo - there you are that's three against one so it's ok.

    Oh no, hope Mitzy returns ok, these animals cerrtainly do worry us don't they. Many a time I've been out in the dark searching for escaping cats!

  5. Oops... Many happy returns Carl...possibly most important thing not covered!!!