Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hay covered alpacas

It has been cold and drizzly today which has meant a lot of clearing of field shelters and carrying of hay.  Bert's group of girls are the messiest alpacas - they do not seem to want to go outside to go to the toilet.  On the other hand, Lina's lot rarely mess in their shed - nor do Spike's group.  Dude is the cleanest - he always uses one spot!  However, worst of all are the sheep who wander around all over their paddock - going to the toilet as they walk!
Greeves has spent a lot of time waiting at the gate for me to bring fresh hay.

He has got so much in him now he looks ridiculous!  This afternoon I noticed Velocette was also getting very hay covered and Sunbeam was following her around eating the stray bits of hay from her back!

I keep squinting at the sheep trying to decide if they are pregnant - in theory they should lamb at the beginning of May.  I think most of Sam's are but I am not sure about mine.

That is Stumpy on the left and George on the right with Caedmon's side at the front. The sheep are fat!

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