Monday, 10 January 2011

The morning after

Harry was very settled this morning.

Dude was not!  I am very unsure whether he wants to make friends with the interloper, or beat him up!  He is a field away but follows Harry's every move.  Dude is filthy - and I know I should wait for him to be clean to photograph him, but that could be a long wait!
So, today - - -
Poo picking completed,
Several little chats with Harry,
Water containers cleaned and filled,
Hay delivered to feeders -
I had to keep moving today as it felt very cold due to the nasty wind which blew up.  Sam reorganised the barn last night which has actually made a lot more room, despite having made a little area for himself and his bits, as he has restacked my hay.  His sheep hay is now in a very tidy pile.  It made getting the hay this morning very much easier as I usually have to climb under a tarpaulin and through a maze of bailer twine.

I am now settling down for an evening of inputting data into the new herd software which actually sounds quite good - particularly as, now it is registered the import animal bit works - plus it makes graphs of the body scoring (or I think it does!).


  1. When do you hope to have Harry working? Quite a few people would like Witness bloodlines in their herds. He looks fabulous and I can't wait to meet him in person.

  2. Harry looks very um! Black. Dude probably has issues with that ;o))