Tuesday, 4 January 2011

On my own again!

Despite the harsh weather, Greeves is coming along slowly. This is him with Lily.   Lina is still highly possessive although she is not keen on him feeding and I don't think there is much, if any, milk there.  He is a very good hay eater though!  Today has been my first day on my own since before Christmas as Carl had over a week off and Sam has been around in the afternoons.  Up until now I have been able to yell if the poo picker and the Mule got tangled up together or fuel ran out or I got stuck in the mud so I approached the field clearing with a little trepidation!  However, I am pleased to say all went well with all fields cleared, no animals escaping whilst I negotiated gateways and refueling accomplished with only a minor spillage.  There was one snag though - and I am convinced it is not my fault!  I could not unhitch the Poo Picker from the Mule and on close inspection I feel this is due to the length of the tow bar on the Mule; it is too short making unhitching awkward.  Tonight I shall ask Carl if he can make some sort of "Mule Extension"!

Now I have to go and create a birthday tea as it is Sam's 16th birthday (the highlight for him is filling in his application form for a provisional driving licence so he can take his tractor test!)


  1. Happy Birthday Sam, enjoy your birthday tea.

    Rob n Les

  2. Happy Birthday Sam hope you had a good day and don't forget to use black ink on the form!

  3. Happy 16th Birthday Sam....the excitement for your tractor test.......I bet is just the start of the driving......experiences ! Greeves looks cute and happy.....You'll have to lock up those vehicles !!!.........Jayne

  4. Happy Birthday Sam... and a lovely photo of Greeves!