Sunday, 9 January 2011

He's here!

Up and out to get all the morning chores done as quickly as possible.  Sam went to work at 6 and just missed getting back in time to go with me to meet Sandra and Mike from Warrenfield who were delivering my very special new arrival - Black Arrow (or Harry as he is now known!).  It's a long trip from the Isle of Wight and not that easy to find us so I met them in Blandford.  I brought Mike back via Turnworth as it is the easiest approach to the field entrance; it is a bit longer and Mike did comment that he felt we were arriving via Exeter!  Any way we all arrived safely, despite some mammoth pot holes in the road up from Blandford and, after a quick look at the girls, Harry made his entrance!  He had to say goodbye to his two travelling companions and long time buddies but he went down the track on his Halter looking as if he owned the place!  Dude caught sight of him arriving and has been pacing the fence and looking highly put out ever since!
Here he is!

I have left him to settle in; which he is doing remarkably well having already put Alf in his place.  He appears very fond of Bert and keeps half an eye on her at all times!

I'll get some better photos tomorrow but didn't want to keep fussing him today.  It was lovely to see Mike and Sandra again - thank you, both of you, Harry is gorgeous!  Carl hasn't seen him yet as he has been down at Ashdale Alpacas to act as Building Buddy to Si and isn't home yet.  Got to go over and have another check on Harry now!
Oh!  Just a quick photo of Lina's lot - and a bit of very good news!  I had been showing Sandra how thin Greeves was and, although he is thin, I did think as I showed her - he doesn't seem quite so bad as he was last week.  So, after Sandra and Mike had gone, Sam and I weighed him and he has gained nearly 1kg!  Whether it is the Ceto Phyton or the Baycox who knows, but it is good!
Little Greeves is on the right with his back to the camera (his neck is solid hay!).


  1. parfit gentil knyght9 January 2011 at 12:44

    Is there an impostor up there?


  2. Very handsome new arrival ! He looks the business....and great news about Greeves....lets hope the improvement continues.....Jayne

  3. He's a handsome lad........Dude better keep a close eye on him! Really good news about Greeves too, I always look out for updates on him :-)