Monday, 24 January 2011

All is calm

Sorry for the recent lack of blogging - caused by super slow broadband - we are now gradually becoming stable and getting back to a degree of normality.

Carl has now put a gate into top paddock, which was what he wanted to do in the first place but I interfered, and it is much better.
Harry, Spike and Alf are getting along very well- even though it looks as if Harry has been sent to stand in the naughty corner in this photo.
I have now decided that Harry, Alf and Spike will stay together and little Dylan will join them when he arrives on Sunday.  The two weanlings - Barnaby and Barry will also go in with them.

Sunday is going to be both busy and exciting.  In the morning we have some routine injections to do - I am actually really looking forward to that as I have what sounds a wonderful new method to try (Many thanks to Viv from Reddingvale for the suggestion) - I'll tell you all about it on Sunday!  In the afternoon Zara and Cassie are arriving along with Dylan - great excitement!

Yesterday, we had the first meeting of the year or the GWR Fleece and Fibre Show.  They are always great fun but Carl made me change my trousers before I went as he said the first pair I tried (my best going out trousers) made me look crazy and the second pair (my summer trousers) were not much better but they had to suffice.  He says to buy a new pair before the next meeting!  Planning took a while as we were trying to incorporate as many suggestions as we could and I am now ordering sashes instead of rosettes for the champions as well as the supreme champions.
Look out for more news of the show at -
Carl spent part of the meeting doing a bit of Forklift truck maintenance - sadly all his ministrations ended up with it bursting something today so he has gone back to give it a good seeing to tonight.  After the meeting I got a ride in Rob's RTV flippin' good it is!  I'm certainly not taking it on  round the circuit in my Mule - it's too fast!

Everyone else at Westhill is doing well - Mitzy (or Little Wee) has made friends with both Smudge and Cruella so all is peaceful - for now!

Oh! And I have managed to update part of the shop with new items!!

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  1. Crazy pants? Summer trousers in January? A husband telling you that you need new clothes?...What is going on at of new trews essential!!