Sunday, 16 January 2011

Beavering Away

Today we have done well and the worst of the rain held off until now - it is hoofing it down again at the moment!

I did have a photo but the computer is hanging on by a thread at the moment and cannot handle uploading photos!

I have cleaned all fields and water containers.  Sam, when he returned from helping at Landrover Man's - yard scrapping (his favourite job) feeding and having breakfast with The Shepherd - moved the badger defences on end paddock and we moved Dude over.  He is much happier now and, incidentally, the only girls interested in him as he went past their paddock were the two female cria and Little Star (not mated yet).  That looks like good news on the pregnancy front - Flamenco an Lina both spat very forcibly at him as he went past.

Sam then somehow managed to lift the blown over field shelter back over the fence with the front loader, turn it back the right way and stake it down.  He has also done something technical to his quad, emptied and cleaned the Poo Picker and reorganised all the machinery.  He is after something which I think is a day off school to help with TB testing in the village but I am afraid he has to be disappointed!  I have to be tough as it is his exam year and he struggles enough with exams as it is!

I am increasingly impressed with the Alpaca Manager software and their help is fantastic.  I emailed with a problem and they replied with in a couple of hours (impressive as they are in New Zealand) and not only sorted out that difficulty but gave me several extra tips for making things easier.  I have now named all the paddocks, tagged the animals to the paddocks they are in and put in lots of paddock management tasks for Carl - he will be impressed!  The computer will flash a little reminder if he is behind!  Can't wait to tell him!  He has been off today being a Building Buddy for Si at Ashdale Alpacas and isn't home yet - hopefully, that means good progress on their barn.

Now my back hurts so I must sit down with the knitting.

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