Monday, 17 January 2011

Bottoms' Up!

Today I have been mostly on my bottom.  Several of the alpacas nearly were as well!  Partly, this has been due to the number of times I have slipped up on the mud (three pairs of trousers in the wash) and partly due to knitting ordered from France.  The shop would not accept orders from anywhere but the UK so I have been desperately sitting here trying to rev up the computer enough for me to try to sort it out.  Please let it be easier on Wednesday when Super Computer arrives! (With the alpacas it was solely due to the mud being so slippery - they have not, obviously been on the computer!)

Everyone was wet and bedraggled today and we had fighting over the carrots at lunchtime!

I fear there will be more fighting later, this time in the house, as Carl picked up the new computer desk this evening and it is flat pack!

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  1. Fighting over carrots at lunchtime...and fighting over the desk in the evening...whats the world coming to ......!! We are just starting to dry out here.....but we have plenty of the muddy stuff .....its kinda depressing....we play tip-toe through the stuff twice a day !!....thankfully I haven't sat in it yet.....but there's time yet.....!!!......Jayne