Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Back again - I hope!

I have been without internet or computer for the last two days - hence no blog and no reading of the blogs of other people.  We now have Super Computer but the internet is still a little dodgy to say the least.  I hope I make it to the end of this post and manage to post it!  It will be short in case it all disappears again!
Today was a lovely sunny day but I was so busy clearing the mess in the fields I forgot all about the camera.  I do have a couple of photos from the other day which I tried to share before.  They are photos to cheer anyone who owns dirty alpacas!  Nothing can be as bad a Greeves neck!


  1. Ah....little Greeves...he might be dirty...but he's a Darling Dirty Boy.....I'd cuddle him...any day.....I don't mind, send him to me.....Jayne

  2. Yes Greeves...It's close but you might just have put Roma in to second place...not 100% sure though, have you got much moss in there!!