Saturday, 29 January 2011

Mitzy's Return!

Thank you everyone for the comments!  Mitzy, the kitten, who disappeared on Thursday morning, returned this afternoon.  About 3pm I returned from a quick trip to the shop and, as I walked down the garden path, I heard a pathetic, faint little miaow from behind the old fridge (I know, it makes our garden sound awful!).  On closer inspection - there was Mitzy, shivering and a little bedraggled but safe.  She was so pleased to be home she charged around the dining room, went to the toilet in the kitty litter, drank two saucers of milk, ate half a tin of cat food, crawled up and down the back of the sofa, attacked Smudge, curled up in her basket and went to sleep - purring very loudly!

Sam and Carl were beating all day while I poo picked and tidied up (given up on the sock fluff it has returned already).  I moved Harry, Spike and Alf in preparation for tomorrow - a lot of pronking, rearing (from Alf) and play fighting ensured.  The runs are now ready, vehicle mats in readiness, Vitamin D and Baycox on the table, Alpaca Manager worksheet printed out (I love that programme!) - roll on tomorrow!

And here is a quick snap of the new wool, Irene!


  1. Great news Rosemary......Lovely.....!
    Think l'll light an extra candle at church tomorrow......!
    Bless her...! x

  2. So pleased she's back and ok.

    Nice wool to, looking forward to your next batch of creations.

  3. Have a good day tomorrow, glad moggy is back.


  4. So glad Mitzy is back. Doesn't alpaca manager make life easy? I love it too and you can't delete things by mistake as I have just done with a whole page of my accounts programme. Not a happy bunny.

    Wool looks great. If this cria that was supposed to be due in September ever gets out I'll be able to come over and collect some.

  5. Grey haired neighbour30 January 2011 at 02:59

    Cats, eh? Did she say where she'd been, Rosemary?
    That wool looks gorgeous, beautiful colour.