Friday, 14 January 2011

Big Head Harry

Bit of a fright this evening.  I went to do the feeding and Spike and Alf rushed over as usual with Harry rather tentatively bringing up the rear.  Spike and Alf ate as usual - Harry didn't, but he is gradually creeping nearer.  All was fine and I went off to do the rest.  The individual bowl idea is proving a bit problematic as Little Star and Lina think all the bowls are theirs!  After feeding and weighing Greeves ( much to Lina's distress, Carl arrived and helped - so we were then covered in Camelibra) I walked back up while Carl emptied the Mule of waste hay from the shelters.  I saw Harry rather oddly positioned by the gate.  As I walked over to investigate he started pulling back - but his head was obviously stuck!  Sam was by the barn getting hay for his sheep so I called for him to help, and come up the side. as I didn't want to panic him any more by walking straight towards him - I had visions of broken necks and ripped ear tags.  Somehow, he had got his head in between the gate and the fence post and his head was too big to pull straight back out without lifting it - pulling was just making it worse.  I can't work out how he made the gap wide enough to get his head down in there in the first place.  Just as we were almost upon him he wiggled and lifted at the same time and jumped free.  He is fine and the gate has now had a bit of adaption.  Phew!!

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  1. It amazes me how animals managed to get themselves into these positions. What is even more amazing is how stuck they are until you go to help and they all of a sudden work their way free. As long as all is well, that's all that matters.