Thursday, 6 January 2011

Would you like to swing on a star. . . .

I needed Willie's pink umbrella today - it was miserable weather!  I had a slight Mule catastrophe this morning when negotiating the track as I slid sideways and entangled myself with the new fence.  The bar thing at the front got stuck in the stock fencing and nearly pulled it off the posts as I attempted a reversing manoeuvre.  This was strange as the Mule has never been so badly behaved before.  However, I have since found that it is, as usual, not my fault!!  SOMEONE put the Mule in 2 wheel drive so no wonder it could not negotiate the track - I shall be very glad when that someone gets his own vehicle and leaves mine alone!!  I did a very small Poo collection today, which I will no doubt regret tomorrow but I did manage to have a quick hoover in the church and take the window decoration down.

Sorry no pictures today as it has just been too wet.


  1. I've a nice black umbrella you may borrow Rosemary, as l said, don't want to get the Pink one wet.....! :)
    I'm packing my Crib away at the weekend, it's the same Crib, my Mum used when l was a child. Don't bother with a tree, since my daughter went off to Uni, some 13yrs ago.
    So! here we go then.....2011.
    Every Day Spent Above Ground....
    Is a Good Day....! x.

    Oh! by the way....Easter eggs are in the shops..

  2. "....Carry Moonbeams home in a jar"

    The Mule eh!. Women and machines.... You just need to operate the controls Rosemary. Sam will show you where the pedals are and everything if you ask him nicely.

    Although the 4WD lever may be on the 'advanced course' he he ;o))


  3. I am studiously ignoring the Easter Eggs!

    You are supposed to be watching the cricket, Rob - - and I am way ahead of you there, Rob - It's a knob not a lever - thought you'd catch me out! I can even operate Diff Lock (though what the goodness it does I have no idea - just sounds good calling out, "Hold on a minute, honey, just engaging diff lock!"

  4. You are funny Rosemary, you've had me in stitches with that reply.

    You're all 'knobs' and 'diff locks' at Westhill..... ;o))