Thursday, 13 January 2011

The Joys of the Cupboard Door

Heavy rain in the night but today was just damp so I managed to get all the paddocks cleared, despite getting the front of the Mule entangled in the stock fencing again.  A bit of alternating revving up and sliding backwards eventually extricated me and the crowd of interested alpacas looked as if they might burst into applause at any minute!  I have also located a few bowls as my new girls and Dylan (not here yet) like to be fed from their own individual bowls.  They are bringing their own with them but I need to start preparing the girls who will be going in with them after quarantine - Lina is going  to love this!
All animals are now nearly entered on the Alpaca Manager software although I have still not succeeded in putting in 6 monthly events.  It will be good when it is all done but caused a mini panic today when it informed me on start up that I was overdue with 6 tasks!  Luckily, it was because I had entered a date wrong.

After tea tonight Carl was just saying we should have a wall planner in the kitchen when we redecorate so I could mark up the things that we had to do with out fail (his idea) when I had a brilliant flash of inspiration!  You can write on the inside of kitchen cupboard doors with a whiteboard pen!  Now Carl can open the cupboard door and see a list of tasks!!

No alpaca pictures but here is Mitzy (or Little Wee) with Smudge who has taken to laying on top of her until she falls out of her basket - which is far too small for Smudge anyway!  (and yes, my carpet really does need a hoover.  Those are sweet wrappers which Smudge finds and plays with, and bits of chewed up wood which Little Wee finds and plays with!).,


  1. Ah! What more would you need to brighten up a horrid day......Two lovely Pussy-Cats...! :)
    As l've always said....
    Dogs Have Owners.....
    Cat's Have Staff.....!
    I love'em to bit's....! :0)

  2. I think your whiteboard plan is a great idea. You can just close the door and pretend you've done everything on the days that it rains.