Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mop and bucket at the ready

What a weekend!  We have sheared until we have dropped, cleaned until we have blistered and become so disorganised I have abandoned The List!

Amongst everything else we have managed to shear another nine of ours - they are gradually getting done.  Saturday I was so excited as Sherbet, my suri who has not been pregnant for the last two years, showed she definitely is this year when we sheared her.  She is bagging up and starting to open up at the back end.  This is wonderful as I had doubted whether she was.  Her last cria was Lily who is gorgeous so I am hoping for something rather nice!  Carl was more excited about the holster he has made for himself to put his clipper oil in so he has it on hand whilst shearing - he is also a bit over excited about his blade sharpening and is champing at the bit to go and sharpen some more!

And despite everything I have stuck to my diet and lost half a stone (it doesn't actually show much) and continued with my daily exercises (which Reg and Two Tone, two of the sheep) enjoy joining in with.  Care must be taken when doing this exercise workout downhill as incredible speeds can be reached.  Sorry the blog is short and photoless (I forgot to take any) if you are feeling cheated to can always click on the link for a preview of the workout I am using on the hill.  I have not progressed to using weights.


Now it is nearly midnight and I must wash the kitchen floor.

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