Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Trauma - AGAIN

I just do not believe it!

Crispie's little one is hanging on.  He has tried twice to get to Crispie's udder and he has been tentatively sucking at the bottle - although most of his feeds have had to be tubed.  I managed to get him going to the toilet which I think he was very pleased about (he grumbles a lot).  Things are not looking rosy but, then again, they are not looking dire.  He sleeps most of the time but I would imagine that is not surprising.

Having sorted him out this morning I left the fields when Sam turned up to do a bit of paddock maintenance.  I gave him strict instructions on feeding little suri and keeping an eye on everything.  Having cleaned the house up, again, I returned only to look over the field gate and see a cria - not the little suri!  Sam hadn't noticed but it had only just happened and the afterbirth was still to come.  NO ONE IS DUE YET- WHAT ARE THEY UP TO?

It turned out to be Flem's - beautiful solid white little girl but premature!  This one was born at 10 months 6 days and is down on it pasterns etc, etc, etc!  Stronger than the other and weighs just over 7kg whilst the suri was just over 5kg.  Flem is such a lovely girl when she gives birth and actually wants help so it was no problem holding it up whilst it latched on - in fact it can be accomplished without needing a second person to hold her (shame she isn't like that about having her feet done!).

I am now wondering if this is just a fluke or if there is some reason they are early.  If this happens again I am going to be seriously worried.  Sorry about the lack of pictures but I am chasing my tail at the moment and I am all hot and bothered - so hot I had to take my trousers off in the field this afternoon and Sam is highly embarrassed about it but I am sure I would have collapsed from the heat and stress if not!


  1. Here's hoping that's the last of the premmies for you Rosemary. As you say strange to both be so early. I can totally understand the taking the clothes off but then I am of an age where one gets hot!!

  2. Me to ....I'm rolling down the hill ..Not over the hill, hope the little ones continue to do well. Strange that you have two premature babies, hope that the others are nearer their due dates ... Jayne