Saturday, 22 June 2013

Chain Saw Massacre

Bat was finally removed when it got dark as Carl refused to put it out until then.  He still has a bad ear but is heeding Barbara's advice and refraining from putting anything in it!  Doctors next week I fear.

The weather has been rather grim today and planned shearing went out of the window.  We did manage to fit in a husbandry visit to two little boys this morning and then Cal and Sam got involved with  bit of chain sawing - Reg also tried to involve himself before I noticed and removed him pretty quickly!
No more cria yet but Lily is starting to look a bit uncomfortable.  She does tend to be early but isn't 11 months until July so she shouldn't be yet - I hope!

Maria is doing very well but really needs a play mate as she is annoying the other females - you may be able to see the green spit she is collecting on her neck!

1 comment:

  1. Im now up to speed with the 'bat and the ear !! Sounds like a nursery rhym...or a novel ...keep that elbow clean incase of emergencies, hope that Carl hasn't lost his new tractor down that plug hole !!....Barbara knows best! leave well alone ... Maria looks so cute and sweet ...Jayne