Sunday, 9 June 2013

Still hanging on

Carl and Sam have been shearing again today and arrived home with a large cone of alpaca wool in a lovely colour.  My knitting has been temporarily on hold due to a number of other things that are happening but I really must get going again.  I also need to sort and send a new lot of fleece as I am now almost completely out of yarn.

Flem's baby is doing very well and was racing around all on her own tonight while Mums and prospective Mums lay around looking exhausted.  Thankfully, no more cria yet and I am never going to moan again when they hang onto their cria.

Not good for Little Suri today.  He is still with us but I have had to bring him home and he is asleep in the kitchen - not good.  Lunchtime I just managed to rescue him from being pecked by a crow and he then went back to the field shelter but he was attracting large buzzy flies.  I shall give him tonight but then, if he survives will have to think about it being the end for him.  Strangely, he is very peacefully asleep at the moment and despite being unable to lift his head unaided is sucking well on his bottle - not for long at a time though.  His Mum does not miss him at all - I think she assumes he is no longer with us.

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  1. Bl**dy crows, I hate them! Stay positive and good luck.